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Giving at Church of the Highlands is simple, safe, and secure.

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At Church of the Highlands, we love to give of ourselves in order to benefit others. We believe that giving financially is a powerful way we can demonstrate to God that he is first in our lives.

Jesus talked more about this subject than heaven, hell or prayer. To experience the full benefits of being a Christ-follower, we must also understand what it means to be a giver.

“But as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you—see that you excel in this act of grace also.” (2 Corinthians 8:7)

To invest in the vision & mission of Church of the Highlands, see the options below.

3 Pockets of Giving

  1. Faithful Giving - Faithful giving is often called the tithe. The tithe is God's required giving and the word actually mean "first tenth."
  2. Generous Giving - Generous giving is creating space in your budget to respond to others’ needs financially like paying a friend's bill who recently lost their job.
  3. Sacrificial Giving - The best example of this giving is in the book of Acts where the early church sold property and possessions to move God's mission forward.

giving options

Option 1 - Online Giving

Click here to give online right now. This safe and flexible option is the easiest way to give at Church of the Highlands!

Option 2 - Automated Giving

This option makes it where your gift to the church is automatically deducted from your bank account or debit card. Click here to sign up for automated giving.

Option 3 - Give During Any of Our Worship Services

There is an opportunity in every worship service for you to give. You can simply place your check or cash in the offering basket as it passes by you.

Option 4 - Mail

You can mail your contribution to 6621 Hunter Road, Harrison, TN 37341.

creative giving ideas

If a cash gift is not an option for you, consider some these creative giving ideas: Stocks, Bonds, Gold/Silver, Land, Homes, Cars, Jewelry, Coin collections.

If you have any questions concerning ways to give, please call the Church of the Highlands office at (423) 493-4111 or email Caryl at